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The adventure of a lifetime!

10 Ways To Be A Legend

It ain’t easy being a legend. Here’s 10 ways, you too, can be a legend! 1. Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle I’m not talking about a Harley Davidson either. Save those for retirees, biker gangs and people having midlife crises. Nope, I’m talking about a real machine like the BMW 1200 GS pictured above that […]

New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Buried 80 stories deep in the remote Chihuahuan Desert lies a subterranean dreamworld filled with fascinating rock formations that will leave you speechless. New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns National Park is a system of over 300 limestone caves that descend from the surface through a multiple natural openings or though an elevator that drops 800 feet into […]

Maya Rally Video Series

By now, you’ve all probably read about the exploits of #teamASTRID (AKA me and Bryon Dorr of Exploring Elements) during the Maya Rally 2012. If you haven’t, you’ve got a lot of reading to do! We had an amazing experience in Mexico, from our trip across the border, to working with The Muskoka Foundation and Katie […]

Overland Expo: It’s About the People

I’ve had the good fortune over the past two years to attend Overland Expo, an international event held in Flagstaff, AZ that educates and inspires people to get out and explore their world, either by motorbike or vehicle. OX is the largest event in North America for the do-it-yourself adventure traveler with skill classes for both adventure […]

Cedar Mesa Utah and the Anasazi

We hit the pavement on Utah State Route 24 after nearly 70 miles of offroad from Boulder, UT through Capitol Reef National Park on the Burr Trail and turned west going toward Lake Powell, Cedar Mesa Utah and the Anasazi Pueblo People. I’ve always been fascinated by the Anasazi, an ancient culture that thrived in […]

Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef National Park

The one thing Astrid and I were looking forward to on the way to Overland Expo this year was a few days of exploring southern Utah with our friends Lou and Nancy of Only Dirt Roads (Instagram, Twitter). We’d been trying to get a trip together since last year when they rolled through the Bay […]

Exploring Baja California’s Wine Country

Just a two hour drive from the South Bay there is an incredibly fertile valley that produces some of the finest wines imaginable. Breathtaking views abound at every turn from tall mountains to rolling hills covered with vineyards year round. Wineries of every price point dot the landscape as far as you can see. In […]

Maya Rally 2012: The Kings of Maya!

When we last left #teamASTRID on the Maya Rally 2012, we were in Palenque after successfully singing with mariachis, ziplining across Cañon del Sumidero and taking part in a unique fishing excursion! What will our road warriors be up to today? Day 8: White Guy Dreadlocks and Mayan Temples! After a quick breakfast of chorizo, […]

Maya Rally 2012: Welcome to The Jungle!

In the last Maya Rally 2012 post, we just finished up in Oaxaca eating grasshoppers, doing mezcal shots in the middle of the day and wrestling with luchadores, but to finish this rally, we needed to get on the road as quickly as possible. With 1314 km (816 miles) and 3 days left, we needed […]